Growth Technology Foliage Focus (1L)

Growth Technology Foliage Focus (1L)

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Premium Plant Nutrient for All Types of Tropical and Indoor Plants.

Specifically formulated to encourage profuse and lush foliage growth. Suitable for any non flowering plants including ferns, palms, aroids and herbs.

Suitable for use with all types of growing media.

Direction for use:

  • Water the plant with nutrient once a week.(*non hydroponics)
  • Dilution rates:
    • Weak: 5ml per litre of water (or 1 teaspoon per litre)
    • Normal: 7.5ml per litre of water (or 1.5 teaspoons per litre)
    • Strong: 10ml per litre of water (or 2 teaspoons per litre)
  • Use according to conditions. Stronger during period of active growth, weaker at other times.

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