GreenSpace Reset 100ml

GreenSpace Reset 100ml

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  • Remove dust, debris, and unwanted guests from your plant's foliage, while conditioning and revitalizing at the same time.

  • Return foliage back to its original glory! Perfect to use as a leaf shine, but without the drawbacks of using Neem oil.

  • Gentle and non-toxic ingredients, perfect for most plants & foliage types.

  • Derived from 100% natural & organic ingredients while utilizing a completely Neem-free formulation.

  • Economic pricing, treat more plants for less compared to Ready To Use sprays.

How to use

Mix 20ml of Reset Leaf Conditioner into 1 liter of water, shake well, and thoroughly saturate all your leaves surfaces. 

It is best to spray plants in the evening and leave them to dry for 8-12 hours in low light or darkness. This will maximize the spray's effects and give the best results for your plant.